Amazon Web Services (AWS) EC2: An Introduction

Amazon Web Services (AWS) EC2: An Introduction

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Amazon Web Services (AWS) EC2: An Introduction

Amazon Web Services (AWS) EC2: An Introduction, Gain Basic Understanding on AWS Virtual Cloud Servers

Created by Monjur Ahmed

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What Will I Learn?

After taking this course, a learner will be able to deploy virtual servers on AWS cloud platform.


Familiar with the concept of AWS and have an AWS account. A computer with internet connection.


Overall Course Objective:

Gain a fair introductory level understanding on AWS EC2.

Pre-requisite: A learner needs to have good understanding on Cloud Computing, Virtualization, Computer Networks and IP Addressing. It is also assumed that a learner has an idea on what is Amazon Web Services (AWS), as this course does NOT provide an overview or introduction to AWS. It is also assumed that a learner knows how to create an AWS account and have an active AWS account. A computer with an Internet connection is required.

What a Student will learn?
  • This is a basic course to understand the concepts AWS EC2 in general. This course aims to equip a learner with skills on EC2 to such an extent, so that a learner can master on EC2 through Self-Directed Learning once they successfully complete this course. This course shows how to build virtual cloud infrastructure on AWS. This is a basic and beginner level course on EC2.
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