Kubernetes for Beginners (Kubernetes + Docker)

Kubernetes for Beginners (Kubernetes + Docker)

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Kubernetes for Beginners (Kubernetes + Docker)

Kubernetes for Beginners (Kubernetes + Docker), A Kubernetes hands-on course for absolute beginners from any background

Created by Ganesh Velrajan

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What Will I Learn?
  • Be able to understand, deploy and administer Kubernetes Platform
  • Create Docker container images for any applications
  • Create a multi-node, production grade Kubernetes Cluster with High Availability
  • Create, Run and Manage Docker Containers at Cloud scale in a Kubernetes Cluster
  • Horizontally scale each microservices application, on demand and expose the microservice using a load balancer service.
  • Upgrade, downgrade applications running in a live production system using Kubernetes
  • Rollback to the previous working version of the application, if there was any problem with the upgrade.
  • Perform server maintenance activities in a live production Kubernetes Cluster, without any application downtime.

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