Complete Web Development: HTML5 and CSS3

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Complete Web Development: HTML5 and CSS3

Complete Web Development: HTML5 and CSS3, Companion to HTML5 CSS3 All in One for Dummies.

Created by Andy Harris

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What Will I Learn?
  • How to build an HTML5 page from scratch: You will not need to purchase an expensive IDE, and you'll truly understand how your page is created and what the code does.
  • Learn to build valid code from the beginning. Learn how to test your code to find errors before your users do.
  • Separate meaning from layout. Build solid HTML structures, then learn how to add visual improvements
  • Use the new media elements in HTML5 to add audio and video to your pages
  • Managing data with tables and lists
  • Connecting pages with links
  • Creating forms - including new HTML5 and mobile form elements
  • How CSS works with HTML to add formatting
  • Working with colors - the standard RGB color model as well as new techniques like alpha and HSL color
  • Styling text - custom fonts, bold, italics, text size
  • Selecting elements to style with CSS using class and id selection
  • Using internal, inline, and external CSS styles
  • Adding borders and backgrounds to any element
  • New features of CSS3 including transparency, reflections, shadows, transformations, and animation.

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