Hands-on Kubernetes on AWS

Hands-on Kubernetes on AWS

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Hands-on Kubernetes on AWS

Hands-on Kubernetes on AWS, Learn to run, deploy, and manage a Kubernetes cluster on AWS

Created by Packt Publishing

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What you'll learn

  • Use Kops to build and manage the Kubernetes clusters
  • Build a Kubernetes cluster using EC2 Instances for your own self-managed infrastructure
  • Monitor your Kubernetes Cluster
  • Build and efficiently manage Docker containers
  • Deploy your own applications to Kubernetes
  • Architect your cluster for High Availability, Continuous Integration, and Disaster Recovery
  • Monitor your Infrastructure efficiently
  • Manage solutions such as the AWS Elastic Container service
  • Work with Kubernetes with your own EC2 Instances


  • No knowledge of Kubernetes is required, though Cloud computing knowledge and basic containerization knowledge is assumed.

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