React Native Projects

React Native Projects

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React Native Projects

React Native Projects, Develop native cross-platform mobile apps more rapidly, easily and effectively with React Native!

Created by Packt Publishing

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What you'll learn
  • Learn Basic navigation principles using React Native Navigator
  • Create a tab-based navigation structure on iOS and Android
  • Understand how React Native makes it easy to share code between iOS and Android apps in a sensible and customizable manner
  • Gain exposure to React and React Native's eloquent one-way data flow model, making apps easier to write and to debug
  • Discover the power of crafting mobile UIs on-the-fly with hot module reloading and no recompiling, using React Native's powerful styling system
  • Get a handle on the many built-in components React Native makes available to shorten your development cycle
  • Find out how to do instantaneous debugging in environments you're already used to such as Google Chrome

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