Windows 10 End User For Beginners

Windows 10 End User For Beginners

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Windows 10 End User For Beginners

Windows 10 End User For Beginners, Learn how to use Windows 10 from A to Z

Created by Maged Boutros

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What you'll learn

  • After finishing this course you will :
  • Be able to install Windows 10 on your machine as primary operating system
  • Be able to install Windows 10 on a Virtual Machine without losing your primary operating system
  • Prepare the installation requirements : getting ISO image, create a bootable disk, check you hard disk
  • Perform post-install configuration : Desktop, start menu, cortana, taskbar, power options & action center
  • Configure Network : connect to a network, send/receive files to/from other devices
  • Configure Storage : Extend or shrink your hard disk drives spaces
  • Implement Apps : Install/uninstall programs, configure Default apps and Startup apps
  • Implement Microsoft trusted apps : Mail, Microsoft store & OneDrive
  • Be able to configure a remote desktop connection : Connect and control your device from other devices
  • Learn how to monitor and evaluate Windows 10 performance using the Task Manager
  • Configure Windows settings : System, Devices, Accounts, Privacy, Updates & Security


  • - Basic knowledge of how to use a computer
  • - Laptop or PC
  • - Internet Connection

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