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Gatsby JS: Build Gatsby static sites with React & WordPress

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Gatsby JS: Build static sites with React Wordpress & GraphQL
Gatsby JS: Build static sites with React Wordpress & GraphQL, enerate super-fast sites with a Wordpress backend & Gatsby.js, the future-proof framework that uses React JS & GraphQL
Created by Tom Phillips
What you'll learn
  • Increase your value and improve your knowledge as a front-end / React JS developer
  • Create a static, server-compiled, content-driven website using Gatsby JS (with React JS & GraphQL)
  • Learn how to use GraphQL and GraphiQL to query data stored in Wordpress
  • Set up Wordpress as a backend to build content, then render the content as pages with React JS & GraphQL
  • Deploy your Gatsby JS static website and rebuild whenever content changes using Netlify
  • Requirements
  • Have a basic understanding of React JS

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