Master Laravel 10 for Beginners & Intermediate 2023

Master Laravel 10 for Beginners & Intermediate 2023

Master Laravel 10 for Beginners & Intermediate 2023

Master Laravel PHP in 2019 for Beginners and Intermediate
Master Laravel 10 for Beginners & Intermediate 2023, Get from zero to proficiency in Laravel PHP Framework in one week! Course for beginners and intermediate students!
  • Created by Piotr Jura
  • English
  • English [Auto-generated]


What you'll learn
  • Master Eloquent, Controllers, Views and all the basics
  • Advanced features like Queues, Polymorphic relationships, Service Container
  • Learn all the theory while building a real application as you progress!
  • Setting up PHP with Apache on Windows and Mac
  • How to use Visual Studio Code effectively
  • Routes and Controllers
  • Laravel Tinker - command line playground to Laravel
  • Blade templates
  • Blade componenets
  • Creating Forms, CSRF tokens
  • One to One, One to Many, Many to Many relationships
  • Polymorphic relationships
  • Testing
  • Local and Global Eloquent Query Scopes
  • Database migrations
  • Database seeding and factories
  • Authentication (Guard)
  • Authorization (Policies and Gates)
  • Authorization
  • Caching
  • How to use queues
  • Files and file uploads
  • How to send e-mails
  • Observers, Events, Listeners and Subscribers
  • Localization
  • Services, Service Container, Contracts and Facades
  • Using Traits in Laravel - SoftDeletes and creating your own!
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