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Excel VBA & Microsoft Outlook Mastery and Automation

Excel VBA & Microsoft Outlook Mastery and Automation
Free Coupon Discount - Excel VBA & Microsoft Outlook Mastery and Automation, Create And Manipulate Outlook Emails, Attachments, Calendars, Tasks, and Contacts Automatically With Excel VBA
Created by Daniel Strong
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What you'll learn

  • Automate Microsoft Outlook with simple Excel macros
  • Create and manipulate emails using MailItem methods
  • Understand Outlook Namespaces (folder system)
  • Display, Save drafts or Send Emails using automation!
  • Set up CC, BCC and Distribution Groups with ease
  • Loop through Excel and automatically generate custom-tailored emails with each row's data
  • Get a quick Burner email for testing (Free)
  • Tell Outlook to send email Later (Deferred delivery)
  • Prevent Outlook warnings that Halt emails being sent
  • Seamlessly control Multiple Outlook accounts
  • Spice up messages using HTML dynamically
  • Learn most effective free HTML editors
  • Utilize large HTML files with custom data (like a mail merge)
  • Using signature the right way - including non-default signatures
  • Breeze through emails in Outlook Folders
  • Find specific items with Find method
  • Filtering Multiple results using Restrict method
  • Finding an item by its Unique Entry IDentifier
  • Take control of Advanced Filtering using DASL queries
  • Personalize emails and attachments with Excel data
  • Save time with an Outlook Template file
  • Click any cell to auto send that person an email!
  • Validate email addresses with Custom Function
  • Place an Excel Range/Table into email body (2 methods)
  • Attach pc files, single sheet, multiple sheets or even entire current workbook!
  • Save worksheet as PDF & Attach to email!
  • Generate Random filenames for attachments
  • Move or Copy items within Outlook (or on your pc)
  • Open & Gather Data from email attachments and Build Reports
  • Master Calendar items (Appointments & Meetings) and schedule like a boss!
  • Instantly understand (and have fun with) Date/Time Math
  • Discover Schedule Conflicts the easy way
  • Create, assign, modify and streamline Task Items
  • Search for Contacts using ‘FullName’ shortcut or with Loops
  • Scan Contacts lists & put specific ones into Excel
  • Build a Custom Userform that can Email or Edit the selected contact!
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