Logistic Regression in Python

Logistic Regression in Python

Logistic Regression in Python

Machine Learning: Logistic Regression, LDA & K-NN in Python
Machine Learning: Logistic Regression, LDA & K-NN in Python, Logistic regression in Python. Machine learning models such as Logistic Regression, Discriminant Analysis &KNN in Python
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What you'll learn
  • Understand how to interpret the result of Logistic Regression model in Python and translate them into actionable insight
  • Learn the linear discriminant analysis and K-Nearest Neighbors technique in Python
  • Preliminary analysis of data using Univariate analysis before running classification model
  • Predict future outcomes basis past data by implementing Machine Learning algorithm
  • Indepth knowledge of data collection and data preprocessing for Machine Learning logistic regression problem
  • Learn how to solve real life problem using the different classification techniques
  • Course contains a end-to-end DIY project to implement your learnings from the lectures
  • Basic statistics using Numpy library in Python
  • Data representation using Seaborn library in Python
  • Classification techniques of Machine Learning using Scikit Learn and Statsmodel libraries of Python
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