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Build Python Django Real Project: Django Web Development

Build Python Django Real Project: Django Web Development
Build Python Django Real Project: Django Web Development, Step By Step Develop Real Django Project with PostgreSQL & Deploy on Heroku. Most Powerful Way of Learning Django
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Rathan Kumar
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Develop / Build Real Django Project and Learn How To Make Django Applications. By developing this django website you will learn how to deal with real django application(s) and real project requirements. You will learn most of the basic django to intermediate django knowledge by completing this django tutorial.

This is a 100% project-based course. We will be building a real Django project called "Car Zone - A Used Car Selling Business Website" right from scratch.
The basic scenario of this project is, we are making a website for a car business owner who wants to list his cars in his website and allow the user to come to his site and browse through all of his latest cars and featured cars, search and filter the cars by model or price, and make some inquiries about his cars that are out for the sale.
We will be using a Bootstrap template and turn it into our Django project's front-end. We will also be customising the default django admin panel and make it feature-rich, good looking admin area. Login with Google & Login with Facebook are the real smart way to attract the users into our application.
This course is structured such a way that you can learn Django while you develop a real project with real requirements. So that the learning become fun and exciting, also you can add this project in your RESUME or PORTFOLIO which increases the chances of getting hired.
If you are not satisfied with the course, you will be offered 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. So, go ahead and enrol into this course right now! I will see you inside the course.

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