AWS & Typescript Masterclass - CDK, Serverless, React

AWS & Typescript Masterclass - CDK, Serverless, React

AWS & Typescript Masterclass - CDK, Serverless, React

AWS & Typescript Masterclass - CDK, Serverless, React

AWS & Typescript Masterclass - CDK, Serverless, React, Code with AWS and Typescript by creating serverless projects with CDK, CloudFormation, Cognito, Lambda and AWS Amplify
Created by Alex Horea
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AWS and Typescript are 2 of the most demanded technologies in today's IT market. AWS Cloud Development Kit - CDK brings a great new development experience.
Now you can use your preferred programming language for your business logic, cloud infrastructure, but also for the UI, with React.
Now you can build serverless applications much easier!

This AWS & Typescript Masterclass course is what you need to build your apps like a pro, learning from an programming active instructor!
What you can expect from this course:
In depth coverage of AWS Cloud Development Kit - CDK
CDK constructs
CDK versions
Deploying and managing CDK apps
Best practices with CDK
Infrastructure as code with AWS Cloud Formation
Console view
Deployment stages
Resources management
Build highly scalable and cost efficient apps with the serverless architecture
Serverless computing services
AWS Lambda:
Write, test, bundle, deploy, configure
Use the best practices
Go deep into advanced techniques with Lambda and CDK
Use Typescript and the NodeJS as environment for Lambda
AWS DynamoDB:
Basics and console access
DynamoDB queries
DynamoDB sdk (TypeScript) calls from AWS Lambda
CDK generic constructs with DynamoDB, ApiGateway and Lambda
AWS Cognito:
User pools
Identity pools
Console access
IAM role management inside Cognito
Cognito groups for fine grained access control
AWS S3 for file storage
Another important point of this course is the Typescript programming language. It is fast, flexible, powerful and easy to learn.
Typescript takes the flexibility of JavaScript and the programming principles of C# and delivers a great coding experience.
This course uses Typescript for:
Cloud infrastructure with AWS CDK
Business logic with AWS Lambda
Web application UI with React
We finally can write all our app in one language, no more JSON, or YAML, or strange scripts, just Typescript, your favorite language!

Why this course stands out from other Udemy courses:
Beyond the basics - after finish, you can directly use this knowledge into production code
Practical knowledge - presentations are kept to a minimum, we focus on what is really important
Logical and flexible structure - take the course at your own pace
Fast paced, concise, most typing cut out - focus on explanations - respect for your time
Code changes in each lecture on Git with code diffs
Big font, dark background, fullHD content, this way it is readable even on a small screen or even tablet.
Lifetime access
Certificate of completion to present to your current or prospective employer
Q&A active intructor
My name is Alex Horea, I'm an active senior web and Cloud developer and I want to pass you the knowledge I wish I had when I was a beginner. I strongly believe that practice is the best way to learn, and in this course we will be practicing TypeScript in 3 ways:
As cloud infrastructure with CDK
Bussiness logic with AWS Lambda
UI with React
Go beyond the theory and learn from an active instructor, aligned with today's programming demands!

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