Symfony 6 Framework Hands-On 2022

Symfony 6 Framework Hands-On 2022

Symfony 6 Framework Hands-On 2022

Symfony 6 Framework Hands-On 2022

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Learn the Symfony 6 PHP Framework using most modern PHP 8 and build a great interactive social web project


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Description Symfony 6 Framework Hands-On 2022

PHP 8 is the newest version of the language that powers half of the Web! And that's the only course and resource you need, to learn Symfony 6!

Symfony 6 is a modern framework, that will help you build websites and web applications easily.

Many great projects were built on great foundations laid by Symfony - eg. did you know that another popular PHP framework - Laravel - is Symfony based? Other projects using Symfony include Magento, Drupal, Joomla, Sylius (E-commerce), Yii, CakePHP, and OroCRM.

In this course, you'll learn Symfony 6 from the ground up. The course is practical and includes a project built from scratch. The concepts you'll master in the course include:

Basic of handling requests

Twig templates

Databases and Doctrine

Doctrine Relations

Querying the database

Authentication (registration, e-mail confirmation, login page, banning users)

Authorization of users (roles, voters)

User permission system (role-based)

File uploads and displaying uploaded images

Sending e-mail

You'll learn all this while building a fun and interesting project, a Twitter-like clone, using the most modern CSS framework Tailwind CSS. Don't waste any time, see the preview videos for a sneak peek of what you'll be building and what you'll learn!

The course comes with the full source code, available for download on GitHub. Every lecture has a separate commit with all the changes made during the video.

See you inside the course! Enroll now!

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