PHP for Beginners - Food Order Website Project

PHP for Beginners - Food Order Website Project

PHP for Beginners - Food Order Website Project

PHP for Beginners - Food Order Website Project

Free Coupon Discount - PHP for Beginners - Food Order Website Project - Online Course

PHP for Beginners: Build a Real World Project from Scratch using PHP and MySQL


Description PHP for Beginners - Food Order Website Project

So you want to get into Web development, but not sure where to start.

You may have tried some PHP and MySQL following YouTube tutorials, but found confusing or incomplete.

But now decided to follow a professional developer who can guide you from the beginning to the state where you can feel confident to develop real world projects by yourself.

Then this course is the one for you. Here, you will learn from the beginning and implement all the concepts of programming.

Like if-else conditional structures, loops (For, While, etc.), integrate database, learn SQL query and implement with PHP, etc.

Why PHP?

PHP is one of the most popular programming language in the world. The duo, PHP and MySQL is used widely all over the world and can power huge web applications as well. Some of the examples include Facebook, Wordpress CMS, Magento, Slack, Upwork, Spotify, etc.

According to a report by W3, over 78.9% of websites with a server-side language use PHP.

Not only the popularity, it's easier to get started as well.

To learn PHP, you don't need high configuration tech devices and apps unlike any other programming language.

You can start with a working computer and a simple text editor like Sublime or Visual Studio Code.

This PHP covers following and some more

Using Database (MySQL) in PHP

Creating Real World Project with PHP

Creating Admin Panel with PHP to Manage Website

Login - Log Out with PHP

Form Submissions in PHP

Security in PHP

Constants in PHP

Sessions in PHP

Uploading Files/Images in PHP

Renaming Files/Images while Uploading Files in PHP

Integrating Already Made Website Designs with PHP

Converting HTML Pages to PHP

Custom Search Feature in PHP

Creating Summary Dashboard using PHP and SQL Query

And much much more .....

Please look at all the lectures to see more things that are covered.

Who this course is for:

PHP beginners who want to create real world projects.

Aspiring PHP Web Developers

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