Learn Salesforce Formulas

Learn Salesforce Formulas

Learn Salesforce Formulas

Learn Salesforce Formulas

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Become the go to formula person in your organisation!

Created by Steven Trumble



Learn when, where, why, and how you should be using formulas in Salesforce!

Formulas are an essential thing to learn to be the best Admin, Business Analyst, Developer, or Consultant in a Salesforce org. After this course you'll be a more knowledgeable and useful member of your team. Improve your hireability and salary with improved Salesforce skills!

We'll cover the most common formula operators and functions, and go through many practical examples that you can implement in your org straight away. You'll learn how to systematically build your formulas to be more and more powerful without confusing yourself. I also share my favourite extension to make formula writing more user friendly.

The course is designed in a logical order where you'll keep building upon new knowledge. Starting with the very basics we'll learn about formulas, the different elements that make up formulas, and the different formula data types.

After that, it’s time to get your hands dirty and start building. Your first formulas will only be one line long. At the end of the course you’ll be building 15+ line formulas and understand every part of it!

We’ll cover every type of formula operator, the most common functions (logical, Date and Time, Math, Text, Advanced), and finish by using formulas inside of reports to produce powerful business insights.

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