Trading Stock Options for Beginners!

Trading Stock Options for Beginners!

Trading Stock Options for Beginners!

Trading Stock Options for Beginners!

Free Coupon Discount - Trading Stock Options for Beginners! - Online Course

An introduction to OPTIONS: calls, puts, pricing models, standardization and strategies!

Created by Frank Bunn



Welcome to the NO-JARGON Zone!

Have you ever taken a traditional “how-to” course filled with definitions and over-simplified explanations that left you with questions immediately?

Exactly. I hate those, too.

This is NOT one of those courses. The curriculum derives from a question & answer session between an instructor and an uninformed student - a total newbie!

As a result, you’ll be able to take a different perspective on options and achieve relative proficiency in a much shorter time. The complex components (the ‘gist’ - not just the definition) of options are dissected in greater detail - over simple questions and answers - leaving you with better clarity about one of the most misunderstood concepts in the financial world.

Why is learning about options such a drag?

Ever wonder why there is so much written about options yet the concept remains largely misunderstood?  And why do so many lose and so few win trading options?

The answer lies in the fact that an option is a derivative. It's a complex thing if you attempt to tackle everything all at once. The reality is that you only need to know a few KEY characteristics of them in order to become proficient. The problem? Most people focus on the WRONG things!

In this course, you'll learn exactly what you need to know. Feel free to put yourself to sleep with a boring options primer later!

This isn't just another dark twisty path on a stormy night...

I know you don’t have to be able to “do the math” to profit from options, but you need to understand the dynamics (especially the inefficiencies) of them in order to profit. Just like anywhere else in the trading world, you can understand a bunch of definitions and jargon and still miss the point.

This course will take you from A to B to C without confusing the hell out of you. 

And chances are the student will ask the exact same questions you have in mind!

So the 'point' won't be missed.

Give me 1-Hour and you'll have a better understanding than some professionals!

We'll start from the very beginning with what an options contract is functionally, then end with a solid understanding of the life cycle of an option.

In between, you'll learn all about how to read a basic quote, what to look at and what to blow off, and why volatility and time are the only things you really need to be concerned about.

So follow me...and eavesdrop as I work one-on-one with a student. We'll have fun as you experience a bunch of “aha” moments when the lights go on.

Then we can get to work on specific ways to profit consistently from the options game. For many, just a dream. For you, a distinct possibility if you approach it the right way.

Let’s go!

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