Complete Guide in HTML, CSS & JavaScript

Complete Guide in HTML, CSS & JavaScript

Complete Guide in HTML, CSS & JavaScript

Complete Guide in HTML, CSS & JavaScript

Complete Guide in HTML, CSS & JavaScript

A detailed step by step web development practical guide designed to help beginners become professional developers.


What you'll learn

  • Create your own version of wikipedia
  • Earn a certificate to show that you are motivated and a professional developer
  • Learn Ways to Deploy Website Online
  • Create interactive websites using HTML, CSS & Javascript
  • Create both simple and complex HTML and CSS forms
  • Create a working contact form
  • Access to resources being used by developers
  • Shift to a developer's mindset
  • Ability to implement responsive website navigation bars
  • Create your own website to showcase your skills.
  • Skill and ability to deploy websites.
  • Learn about web-server and how to manage your website.
  • Use this full course as your developer's reference, everytime you need refreshers on a relevant topic.
  • and more...

This course is designed and intended for beginners who want to shift or start a career in web development. A step by step guide along with computer tips and techniques is provided during this course. The course covers an in-depth project-based study in HTML, CSS & Javascript and the students will also learn how to launch or deploy their website online. This is focused on learning by doing approach instead of theories. Concepts and theories are also being taught, but only when it is very relevant to create an actual project.

Finishing the course will not only make students be knowledgeable about these three technologies, but they will also learn associated technologies such as FTP applications, content delivery network resources, external web resources. Therefore, they will have enough working knowledge to get started in the field of web development.

The students will learn the different modern techniques that will make them proficient enough to build responsive websites.

Who this course is for:
Students who want to learn web development from scratch.

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