MO-210: Microsoft Excel (from beginner to intermediate)

MO-210: Microsoft Excel (from beginner to intermediate)

MO-210: Microsoft Excel (from beginner to intermediate)


 MO-210: Microsoft Excel (from beginner to intermediate)

Learn the skills for the new MO-210 Excel certification. Create tables, formulas, charts and manage workbooks.

Created by Phillip Burton, I Do Data Limited | 8.5 hours on-demand video course

The MO-210 certification is the new certification for Excel. Microsoft says that this certification demonstrates that you have the skills needed to get the most out of Excel by earning a Microsoft Office Specialist: Excel Associate (Microsoft 365 Apps) certification.

This course has been created using Udemy’s Accessibility guidelines.

In this MO-210 course:

We’ll start with create and manage worksheets and workbooks. We’ll import data into workbooks, navigate and format workbooks, and prepare them for collaboration and distribution.

We’ll then look at managing data cells and ranges and create tables. We’ll insert data into and format workbooks, summarise and organize data, manage table styles and options, and filter and sort table data.

We’ll then perform operations with Excel formulas and functions. We’ll use functions for summarising data, performing conditional operations, formatting and modifying text, sorting and generating numeric data.

Finally, we’ll look at creating charts and sparklines. We’ll use different chart types, such as line, bar, area and pie charts, we’ll add legends and apply layouts and styles, and insert sparklines.

No prior knowledge is required. And there are 15 Practice Activities, 15 quizzes and a Practice Test to help you remember the information, so you can be sure that you are learning.

What you’ll learn

  • Create, configure and save Excel worksheets and workbooks.
  • Navigate through and format worksheets and workbooks.
  • Customise options and views for worksheets and workbooks.
  • Configure Excel worksheets and workbooks to print (e.g. page setup).
  • Insert data into and format cells and ranges, and create and modify tables.
  • Highlight, filter, sort and group cells, ranges and tables.
  • Create and format Excel charts.
  • Create formulas in Excel, including using conditional logic and modifying text.


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