MO-211: Microsoft Excel Expert (Microsoft 365 Apps)

MO-211: Microsoft Excel Expert (Microsoft 365 Apps)

MO-211: Microsoft Excel Expert (Microsoft 365 Apps)


 MO-211: Microsoft Excel Expert (Microsoft 365 Apps)

Learn the skills for the new MO-211 Excel certification. Create PivotTables, simple macros, advanced charts and formulas

Created by Phillip Burton, I Do Data Limited | 8 hours on-demand video course

The MO-211 certification is the new Expert certification for Excel, launched in April 2023. Microsoft says that this certification demonstrates that you have the skills needed to get the most out of Excel by earning a Microsoft Office Specialist: Excel Expert (Microsoft 365 Apps) certification.

This course has been created using Udemy’s Accessibility guidelines. It follows on from your preparations for the MO-210 Excel certification. This content is available in “MO-210: Microsoft Excel (from beginner to intermediate)”, which is published on Udemy.

What you’ll learn

  • Manage workbook options and settings, including preparing workbooks for collaboration Manage and format data
  • Fill cells based on existing data, format and validate data and apply advanced conditional formatting
  • Create advanced formulas and macros
  • Logical functions include IFS, SWITCH, SUMIF, SUMIFS, AND, OR, NOT and LET
  • Lookup functions are XLOOKUP, VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP, MATCH and INDEX
  • Other functions include WEEKDAY, WORKDAY, NPER, PMT, FILTER and SORTBY
  • Manage PivotTables, PivotCharts and advanced charts, including g Box & Whisker, Combo, Funnel, Histogram, Sunburst, and Waterfall charts


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