Intro to Web Development for GIS and Mapping

Intro to Web Development for GIS and Mapping

Intro to Web Development for GIS and Mapping

Intro to Web Development for GIS and Mapping

 Intro to Web Development for GIS and Mapping

Learn to make websites, map, and start your career as a developer!

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What you'll learn
  • Ability to code, debug, host, and update your own custom website
  • Comprehension of HTML, CSS, and JS
  • Create interactive maps with Leaflet and Maplibre/Mapbox
  • Start strong in a career of web development and GIS

Are you:

a GIS expert looking to get into web development?

a total beginner with a cool mapping idea, but you've never done web work before? 

a bit experienced in HTML/CSS/JS and know a little about mapping, and want to work in this niche?

Whether you're totally new to web development, totally new to mapping, both, or have a bit of experience in either, this course is great for you. In it, we'll go over the fundamentals of web development in addition to going through some pretty comprehensive mapping tools and systems.

We'll be covering topics like:

general programming skills,

specific languages and programming,

how to debug,

how to host and update a website,

CSS and Javascript frameworks and libraries,

Git and Github

And of course, mapping, such as:

introduction to spatial concepts like points and polygons,

geocoding and geolocation,

animating points,

data visualization,

popups, styles, and best practices for mapping

You're going to learn a ton about doing projects and starting things off on the right foot.

By the end, you should feel confident enough to create and manage your own websites and small web apps focused about mapping. And, you'll be ready to take off in terms of the rest of your web development career, whether that's in mapping or not!

I'm Victor, a longtime mapping developer and I run a company focused around the niche of mapping. I'm excited to take you through and I'd love to see you learn and grow in your web development career. I believe in focusing on getting things done, and teaching in a practical manner that sets you up to be able to be confident learning and growing on your own. Let's get to it!

Who this course is for:
  • Newcomers to programming or web development who want to build maps
  • People looking for a project-based way to get into programming
  • GIS experts who want to transition to web development
  • Web developers working on a GIS project for the first time

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