Web Development Made Easy

Web Development Made Easy

Web Development Made Easy

Web Development Made Easy

 Web Development Made Easy

Mastering Fundamentals of HTML, CSS and Js in 6hrs

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What you'll learn
  • HTML 5 Fundamentals
  • CSS 3 Fundamentals
  • JavaScript Fundamentals
  • How to get Domain and Host a Website
  • jQuery Basics

Welcome to our comprehensive web development course focusing on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript! Whether you're a beginner or have some programming knowledge, this course is designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to create stunning and interactive websites.

In this course, you will start with the fundamentals of web development, diving into HTML (Hypertext Markup Language). You'll learn how to structure web pages using semantic elements, create forms for user input, and add multimedia content to your websites. Through hands-on exercises and real-world examples, you'll gain a solid foundation in HTML and understand how it forms the backbone of every web page.

Next, we'll explore CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) to enhance the visual appearance of your web pages. You'll learn how to use selectors, apply styles, and create responsive designs to ensure your websites look great on different devices and screen sizes. We'll cover layout techniques, typography, and the latest CSS features, enabling you to unleash your creativity and make your websites stand out.

As we progress, we'll delve into JavaScript, the programming language that brings interactivity and functionality to your websites. You'll discover how to manipulate the Document Object Model (DOM), handle events, and perform dynamic updates to create dynamic and engaging user experiences. We'll also cover essential JavaScript concepts such as variables and functions,  enabling you to write clean and efficient code.

Here's what you can expect from this course:

Clear explanations and step-by-step instructions to ensure a solid understanding of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Guidance on best practices and industry standards to write clean, maintainable code.

Insights into the latest web development trends and technologies to keep you up to date.

How to get domain and host a website

By the end of this course, you'll have the confidence to build responsive, visually appealing, and interactive websites using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Whether you're pursuing a career in web development or simply want to create your own websites, this course will empower you to turn your ideas into reality. Enroll now and embark on your journey to becoming a skilled web developer!

Who this course is for:
This course is for anyone who wants to learn how to develope a website from scratch.

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