Algorithmic Trading Strategies In Python

Algorithmic Trading Strategies In Python

Algorithmic Trading Strategies In Python

Algorithmic Trading Strategies In Python, Master Algorithmic Trading: Unlock Profitable Strategies And Backtesting Using Python

Algorithmic Trading Strategies In Python

What you'll learn
  • Understand the main essential components of a trading strategy
  • Design a targeted trading system
  • Implement and backtest a trading system in Python
  • Code algorithmic trading strategies in Python
  • Backtest and evaluate an automated trading system

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Welcome to the comprehensive course on Algorithmic Trading Strategies in Python! Join me, Ziad, a seasoned algorithmic trader with over a decade of experience, as I guide you through the fascinating world of algorithmic trading.

In this course, we delve into the fundamentals of algorithmic trading, covering essential concepts, trading mindsets, and the pros and cons of algorithmic trading. Gain a deep understanding of trading terminology, explore technical versus fundamental trading, and grasp basic trading strategies that form the foundation of algorithmic trading.

Discover various types of algorithmic trading strategies, including Mean Reversion, Momentum Trading, and Statistical Arbitrage. Learn how to retrieve and analyze market data using Python, exploring timeframes, ticks data, and utilizing APIs for data retrieval. Dive into the implementation of technical analysis with Python libraries such as TA-Lib and Pandas_TA for effective technical indicators analysis.

Explore advanced topics in statistical analysis and modeling, including Time Series Analysis, Statistical Arbitrage, and Factor Models. Develop and optimize your trading strategies, understanding the main components critical for success. Put your strategies to the test through backtesting, evaluating performance, and ensuring robust results.

Finally, master the execution of trades using Python, transitioning seamlessly from backtesting to live trading. This course is designed to be straight to the point, focusing on numerical trading systems in Python. While some Python background is assumed, if you need to strengthen your skills, I offer separate courses covering Python basics, object-oriented programming, and in-depth training on Numpy and Pandas.

Whether you're a seasoned developer or just starting your coding journey, this course provides valuable insights, practical knowledge, and a clear roadmap to mastering algorithmic trading in Python. Take the next step in your trading journey and enroll now!

Key Topics:

Algorithmic Trading Basics

Trading Mindset and Emotions

Technical and Fundamental Trading

Mean Reversion, Momentum, Statistical Arbitrage Strategies

Data Retrieval and Exploratory Analysis in Python

Technical Indicators with TA-Lib and Pandas_TA

Statistical Analysis and Modeling

Strategy Development and Optimization

Backtesting for Performance Evaluation

Execution and Live Trading with Python

Unlock the power of algorithmic trading today! Enroll and transform your trading strategies with Python expertise.

Who this course is for:
  • Traders, and beginner and intermediate Python developers
  • Enthusiasts willing to explore the field of financial programming and algorithmic trading

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